Our goal is to provide a thick, uniform, weed-free healthy lawn that will green up early in the spring and maintain healthy growth throughout the summer.

We believe a well balanced soil pH and nutrients at their optimum levels, will result in a lawn that is less susceptible to insects and diseases, resulting in a minimal use of pesticides.

Our program is designed with top-qualtiy turf products, proper timing of applications, and ongoing communication with you. All of our technicians are highly trained and properly licensed.

 With over 40 years of providing landscaping services to a six-county area in North Central Pennsylvania, we are now expanding our lawn maintenance service beyond our regular landscape customers.

Lawn Care Includes:

• Slow-release granular fertilizers
• Crabgrass prevention
• Grub and insect control
• Lime to maintain an optimum pH soil balance for ideal plant growth
• Spot control of weeds throughout the growing season including broadleafs